Monday, May 07, 2007

Don’t you hate when you are misinterpreted? Either tone or meaning. Especially by people who do not know you very well. It’s quite annoying and infuriating to say the least. If you say something sarcastic or you say something in a joke and someone takes it literally or gets angry that is enough to make one angry too. cos u know what! they dont know you ! Argh…It’s annoying!

One other thing that’s annoying is that people never understand or get you the way you are... they always make interpretation of how it seems or comes across... so what am I meant to do? Act in a different way in order to be perceived in the way that I am?? Should my actions differ in order so that they are understood to mean what I mean when I act the way I do? Hmm not only one incident made me post….but this has been something that has always come up! So… do I not act friendly towards certain friends (usually guys) ‘cos they may think I mean this n that...when I don’t? - this has nothing to do with my ranting but thort id just add it cos its theme related :)

I was on a roll doing my bloody assignments now I’m pissed off! Argh I hate how ppl affect me!

Then u sms to say ‘sorry that’s not what I meant’ and they don’t reply !!!!!
I think I’m tired of considering other people! I’m done with it!

And yes this is directed(at you)and not general. I don’t care! I’m irritated ‘cos u irritated me and now I’m distracted and can’t get back to work!!! And no no1 knows who you are so you don’t have to put an apologetic comment here!

Let me get back to work!

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 *deepbreath* exhale*

and i dont even like southpark but this picture was cool


Major_chip_hazard said...

There,there a lil rubbing of the ears and WOOHSAH Martin Lawrence style.Relax,if you cant,scream in a pillow or crank some Linkin Park(breaking the habit works well in this situation),it works for me:-)I go thru the exact same thing all the time.
I cant be myself because those who dont know me dont understand me,its similar to the saying,"people fear what they do not understand".Dont change to make others happy,dont do something that will hurt you in the future.Trust me,I've been there,& now Im struggling to find the real ME!

The Organ Harvester said...

be yourself. you rock. sometimes.

Fatima said...

I think you need a big hug.
And I'm going to recommend ice cream.


I'm just in an ice cream mood!

Some people are stupid. Say "Screw you" and walk away :)

concerned citizen said...

maybe work on your communication skills?

Or maybe it's easier blaming the other party ;)

concerned citizen said...

ps: I'm not whoever your victim in the post is. lol

smile - and the best way to smile, is to try and make others smile.

Anonymous said...

btw, if you get 'pissed off' everytime someone doesn't understand you, it's not really their fault that they don't understand you.


Pseudo_Name said...

danke o.h :) and ice cream is just what i would recommend too Fatima :)

Concerned one.. of course you are who i am speaking of! how else would you know speak of communicatin skills or not being understood.. clearly u speak like u know whats going ok :) and i had gotten over u just irritated me more :) its ok! u are who u are :)

Pseudo_Name said...

also Concerned C.. why would u put a comment down about me understanding the other person cos for all u should know, as my post goes is that the person didnt get what i was saying..no1 said he/she (ie. you) were saying anything ??

undercover ppl are uncool!

C.C. said...

huh? haha

no man, your post says it all lol

i'm a lady, i dont have a blog yet, but when i do you'll have a post dedicated to you *smile*

SingleGuy said...

heavy metal

Major_chip_hazard said...

Hey Pseudo, A lil curiosity never hurt anyone hey;-)

Zahira said...

mwah bring out the rock music some chocolates and a tub of icecream lol
o and in my case the punching bag

bibi-aisha said...

i empathise. if ppl who supposedly 'know u' but dont really 'know u' & u have to keep explaining urself, then its not really worth being close to them & certainly not worth bothering bout!

Anjum said...

yarre gal, you like rant & rave!!

i'm sure that person innit even goin on bout it like this!

floydthebarber71 said...

hmmmm...this reminds me of my comment on ur one post that u got pissed off at....i just left it coz there was no point in making amends, u thought wat u did already lol and i didnt mean it that i know what u mean :P but yeh heheh take care, i see the assignments never end....shame :/