Saturday, June 30, 2007

facebook is my new fetish

yea..iv neglected this blogging thing.. oops?
actually im not really too concerned about it. i found a new novelty..facebook..
the entire universe is on there! initially i was not too interested cos it seemed pretty much like many of those millions of other profile adding,group starting, forum/discussion beggining sites..of which i have joined a million.. i gues this one is intriguing cos of the amount of people that are part of it.. like usually when u sign up its the usual internet crowd that irc chats, or is on ur msg that have joined..but here..its without an exaggeration.. someone from every circle of friends or family i have! from school (both high and primary) to university, to travel buddies.. well...its fun for now i gues.. so il enjoy it while it lasts. i have however decided to only accept people that i know in real i have met before. cos one has a tendancy to make or accept as friends people we dont know and just chat to online :/ im not gonna do that! to date i have accepted 2 people who i have not not hold on to them for now :) they nice anyway!

ok im out.. to do some facebook time wasting