Saturday, November 08, 2008

0800 G-O-D

I just want to speak to God and have Him answer me back.. so i know! so i know for sure about things.. so i can just be certain about the choices in life, about the people in life, about the things in life.

"Is this right?"
"Can i trust them?"

"What next?"
"Is it real?"

I know there are prayers to make and faith to have..
but sometimes it becomes so much that patience wears thin.. and doubt overflows in the heart and confusion reigns supreme..
that you (i mean I) want the ONE and ONLY to give you (i mean me) the answer.. just a simple yes or no.. go or stay.. this or that..

but i guess life's not that easy..else it wouldn't be life.

Fi Aman
'Allah .. I'll remain ... InshaAllah